My work experience

I've had the great opportunity to contribute to a wide range of projects, from small startups and mobile apps to large enterprises and opensource blockchain projects. Here's an overview of my path, highlighting my experiences so far.

Waves Foundation

Full stack engineer, Oct 2019 - Sep 2023

My journey with Waves Foundation was diverse, blending development and product ownership. I played a key role in launching the developer experience on the Waves platform. This effort involved creating and deploying library kits for developer community, aimed at standardizing the experience within the Waves ecosystem.

Another significant project was the Waves IDE, a web-based integrated development environment for the Waves blockchain, built using React, TypeScript, and the Monaco Editor for a VS Code-like coding experience.

In addition to these key projects, I also contributed to the development of an open-source governance platform and a decentralized liquidity protocol, while being actively involved in writing smart contracts.

That was a great opportunity to expand my skillset beyond development and gain experience architecting and designing products from the ground up.


Scala developer, Sep 2017 - Oct 2019

Joining the Waves team marked a significant shift in my career, as I transitioned from the familiar Microsoft stack to uncharted territories of blockchain and macOS. As a core member at Waves, I primarily focused on the blockchain node, dedicating my efforts to implementing consensus mechanism and advancing the smart contract engine. This role was not just a change in my technology stack but also a broadening of my technical horizons.

Deutsche Bank

Senior C# developer, May 2016 - Sep 2017

As part of a team at Deutsche Bank, I was involved in the development of a C# WPF desktop application for traders, facilitating efficient management of trading positions and orders. I also had a hand in backend development, using Java to a smaller extent. Working alongside over 20 skilled developers, testers, and analysts, I contributed to the collective effort that ensured the application's smooth functionality and operational efficiency.


Senior C# developer, Apr 2013 - May 2016

During my time at MFMSolutions, I led two distinct projects. The first was a Personal Finance app, equipped with background sync, offline access, and tools for in-depth analysis of spending stats.

The second project was the development of a separate C# Xamarin-based push notification library, designed for integration into third-party banking apps, which served as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional SMS notifications.


Windows Phone developer, Feb 2012 - Apr 2013

At Zumla, I was involved in the client-side development for innovative geo-social networking application on the Windows Phone platform. My primary contributions involved seamlessly integrating major social networks such as Facebook and VK into the app. Additionally, I implemented sophisticated functionalities like dynamic map clustering and real-time content updates, enhancing the overall user experience.


C# developer, Oct 2011 - Jan 2012

Wizee was a small startup with a team of 5 people, the product was an indoor navigation app for malls based on wifi triangulation. I focused on developing map editor tool and backend parts for the app. My role involved extensive use of C# and MVC

Gazprom Automate

Junior C# developer, Oct 2009 - Sep 2011

My professional journey began at Gazprom Automate, where over two years, I developed a Silverlight application for Gazprom's internal supervisory control. In this role as a part of a team I contributed to creating a client-server web application, integrating with Oracle and MII as backend systems. This early experience established my foundational skills as a Microsoft stack developer.